Traditional Divorce

Traditional DivorceYou need to end your marriage, but don’t know where to turn or how to find the answers to your many questions. How does this work? Where do I start? How do I protect the best interest of m child?

I specialize in all areas of Illinois Family Law, including divorce, child custody, support and distribution of marital assets. I will listen carefully to your questions and goals and strive to not only help you resolve your divorce disputes but to educate you about the divorce process and prepare you for the future. I will assess your current and future financial needs, and help project realistic outcomes based on your unique circumstances and according to Illinois divorce law.

My office can assist in all aspects of the traditional divorce proceedings, including:

Understanding New Illinois Divorce Laws

A number of significant changes to the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act and related statutes took effect in 2016. These changes include but are not limited to maintenance payments, child support obligations and parenting responsibilities for minor children. I will help you navigate and better understand these changes and provide a thorough calculation of your options.

I strive to reach a fair settlement for my clients, always considering their individual environments and needs. Complex divorce cases require the detail-minded, client-focused leadership of an experienced lawyer who knows how to get results with aggressive litigation if necessary. I always work to protect your rights, even when litigation is inevitable. Call today for a free consultation 708-246-7277.


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